New Books

Picture books
Niver, Heather Moore, author.
Niver, Heather Moore, author.
Niver, Heather Moore author.
Fossil fuels
Sherman, Jill., author.
Animals and fish
Sherman, Jill, author.
Clean air
Sherman, Jill.
Fertile land and soil
Sherman, Jill, author.
Fresh water
Sherman, Jill, author.
Forests and vegetation
Sherman, Jill.
The upper case : trouble in Capital City
Lazar, Tara, author.
Maybe he just likes you
Dee, Barbara, author.
Pluto gets the call
Rex, Adam, author.
Interpreting data about the thirteen colonies
Machajewski, Sarah, author.
Will robots ever be smarter than humans? theories about artificial intelligence.
Jackson, Tom, author.
Nancy Reagan
Strand, Jennifer, author.
The moon
Doudna, Kelly, 1963- author
What's life like in foster care?
Hicks, Dwayne, author.
Inside the International Space Station
Baker, David, 1944- author.
Horses and ponies.
Titmus, Dawn, author.
Wolf pack
Murray, Julie, 1969- author.
Valentine's Day
Murray, Julie, 1969- author.
Super burp!
Krulik, Nancy E.
The girl in white gloves : a novel of Grace Kelly
Maher, Kerri, author.
Pretty as a picture : a novel
Little, Elizabeth, 1981- author.
You are not alone
Hendricks, Greer, author.
The Warsaw protocol
Berry, Steve, 1955- author.
Long range
Box, C. J., author.
The night watchman.
Erdich, Louise, author.
The big lie.
Grippando, James, author.
Patterson, James, author.
Cocnut layer cake murder
Fluke, Joanne, 1943- author.
Trouble is what I do
Mosley, Walter, author.
A good day for a massacre
Johnstone, William W., author.
Last girl standing
Jackson, Lisa, author.
Cooper, Elisha, author, illustrator.
Please don't eat me
Climo, Liz, author, illustrator.
Beetle battles : one scientist's journey of adventure and discovery
Emlen, Douglas John, 1967- author.
Major impossible (Nathan Hale's hazardous tales #9)
Hale, Nathan.
The best of Iggy
Barrows, Annie, author.
Perret, Delphine, author.
Frank and Bean
Michalak, Jamie, author.
I, Cosmo
Sorosiak, Carlie, author.
Korman, Gordon, author.
The best at it
Pancholy, Maulik, 1974- author.
When you trap a tiger
Keller, Tae, author.
Race to the sun
Roanhorse, Rebecca, author.
Noisemakers : 25 women who raised their voices & changed the world - a graphic collection from Kazoo
Telgemeier, Raina, author, illustrator.
The fresh new face of Griselda
Torres, Jennifer, 1980- author.
The boy who grew dragons.
Shepherd, Andy, author.
Epic athletes: Lionel Messi
Wetzel, Dan, author.
Bouncing back
Ostler, Scott, author.
The thief knot : a Greenglass House story
Milford, Kate, author.
The book of terrifyingly awesome technology.
Connolly, Sean, author.
Marvel Studios character encyclopedia
Bray, Adam, author.
Darth Vader
Amos, Ruth, author.
Sisters by choice.
Mallery, Susan, author.
The dark corners of the night.
Gardiner, Meg, author.
The chill.
Carson, Scott, author.
The lost book of Adana Moreau.
Zapata, Michael, author.
The Hashimoto's AIP cookbook.
Kyle, Emily, and Phil Kyle, authors.
The burn
Kent, Kathleen.
Almost time
Schmidt, Gary D., author.
Bear goes sugaring
Eaton, Maxwell, author, illustrator.
The balcony
Castrillón, Melissa, author, illustrator.
Feed your mind : a story of August Wilson
Bryant, Jennifer, author.
Give us the vote! : over two hundred years of fighting for the ballot
Rubin, Susan Goldman author.
Instructions not included : how a team of women coded the future
Brown, Tami Lewis, author.
Honey, the dog who saved Abe Lincoln
Swanson, Shari, author.
Where's baby?
Hunter, Anne.
It began with a page : how Gyo Fujikawa drew the way
Maclear, Kyo, 1970- author.
Dandelion's dream
Tanaka, Yoko.
Where on earth? : dinosaurs and other prehistoric life
Barker, Chris, author.
Science is magic
Mould, Steve, 1978- author.
The Titanic story
Poehlmann, Tristan, autho.
Nine months : before a baby is born
Paul, Miranda, author.
Finding Narnia : the story of C.S. Lewis and his brother
McAlister, Caroline, 1960- author.
Scientists who changed history.
Weather and the seasons.
How do airplanes stay up?
Vilardi, Debbie, 1969- author.
Grange, Emma, writer.
'Twas the night before Christmas
Moore, Clement Clarke, 1779-1863, author.
Super slime.
Star Wars character encyclopedia
Beecroft, Simon, author.
American history : a visual encyclopedia
King, David C., author.
Marvel encyclopedia
Nature's best remedies : top medicinal herbs, spices, and foods for health and well-being
Hajeski, Nancy J., author.
Call sign chaos : learning to lead
Mattis, James N., 1950- author.
The brisket chronicles : how to barbecue, braise, smoke, and cure the world's most epic cut of meat
Raichlen, Steven, author.
The big book of tricks for the best dog ever : a step-by-step guide to 118 amazing tricks & stunts
Kay, Larry, author.
Daniel Boone
Bakeless, John, 1894-1978.
The homesteader's natural chicken keeping handbook : raising a healthy flock from start to finish
Fewell, Amy K., author.
The Official U. S. Army illustrated guide to edible wild plants.
Encyclopedia of aquarium & pond fish
Alderton, David, 1956- author.
Medical Medium celery juice : the most powerful medicine of our time healing millions worldwide
William, Anthony, author.
The self-sufficiency bible : from window boxes to smallholdings - hundreds of ways to become self-sufficient
Dawson, Simon.
WWE greatest rivalries
Black, Jake.
SmackDown 20 years and counting
Black, Jake, author.
Under the snow
Stewart, Melissa.
Anne Frank : Holocaust Diarist
Burling, Alexis, author.
My Christmas ABCs
Superlative birds
Bulion, Leslie, 1958- author.
Melania Trump
Strand, Jennifer, author.
UFOs : are alien aircraft overhead?
Borgert-Spaniol, Megan, 1989- author.
Billy Graham : Evangelist to the world
Capek, Michael, author.
Pipsqueaks, slowpokes, and stinkers : celebrating animal underdogs
Stewart, Melissa, author.
Murray, Julie.
About fish : a guide for children
Sill, Cathryn P., 1953-
Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 7, The backstabbers
Caramagna, Joe. adapter.
Chris Kyle : American sniper
Burling, Alexis, author.
Don't let dementia steal everything : avoid mistakes, save money, and take control
Peck, Kerry, author.
Tyler Perry : interviews
Perry, Tyler.
Keto in an instant : 100 ketogenic recipes for your Instant Pot®
Crawford, Stacey, author.
Racing to the finish : my story
Earnhardt, Dale, Jr., author.
An appetite for life : how to feed your child from the start
Llewellyn, Claire, author.
Complete keto : a guide to transforming your body and your mind for life
Manning, Drew, author.
National Geographic complete guide to pet health, behavior, and happiness : the veterinarian's approach to at-home animal care
Weitzman, Gary, author.
Bayou-diversity 2 : nature and people in the Louisiana bayou country
Ouchley, Kelby, 1951- author.
Becoming Dr. Seuss : Theodor Geisel and the making of an American imagination
Jones, Brian Jay, author.
Basic welding for farm and ranch : essential tools and techniques for repairing and fabricating farm equipment
Galvery, William L., Jr., author.
The Mississippi Gulf Coast
Isbell, Timothy T., author.
Prince and the Purple rain era studio sessions, 1983 and 1984
Tudahl, Duane, editor.
Storey's guide to training horses : ground work, driving, riding
Thomas, Heather Smith, 1944- author.
The Cumberland River Archaic of Middle Tennessee
We speak in storms
Lund, Natalie, author.
The inflammation spectrum : find your food triggers and reset your system
Cole, Will (Functional medicine expert)
Basic illustrated medicinal plants
Meuninck, Jim, 1942- author.
Insects of North America : a field guide
Phillips, David M., author.
Louisiana bluegrass : the early years.
Yule, Ron, author.
The museum of desire
Kellerman, Jonathan, author.
Golden in death
Robb, J. D., 1950- author.
Last day.
Rice, Luanne, author.
Perfect little children.
Hannah, Sophie, author.
Out of the attic
Andrews, Virginia C, author.
Crooked river
Preston, Douglas, author.
Malcolm X talks to young people : speeches in the U.S., Britain, and Africa.
X, Malcolm, 1925-1965.
Woods, Rita, author.