New Books

1,471 ACT practice questions.
Chiu, Johnathan.
NCLEX-RN Prep 2018 : practice test + proven strategies
Irwin, Barbara J., author
Reading and writing prep for the SAT & ACT.
Chiu, Jonathan.
2019 SAT
Black, Christopher, and Mark Anestis.
ACT math & science prep.
ACT English, reading & writing prep.
Firefighter candidate exams
Murtagh, James J., author.
1,001 ACT practice questions for dummies
Hatch, Lisa Zimmer, author.
Age of war.
Sullivan, Michael J.
The sinners
Atkins, Ace, author.
Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor : a novel
Dobson, Melanie.
Enchanted isle
Dobson, Melanie, author.
Chateau of secrets : a novel
Dobson, Melanie.
The other woman.
Silva, Daniel.
River of bones
Anderson, Taylor, 1963- author.
The late bloomers' club.
Miller, Louise.
Kill the farm boy
Hearne, Kevin, author.
When we found home.
Mallery, Susan.
Cottage by the sea : a novel
Macomber, Debbie, author
The last of the Mohicans.
Cooper, James Fenimore.
The complete book of knitting.
Abbey, Barbara, 1903-
His million-dollar marriage proposal.
Hayward, Jennifer.
Inherited for the royal bed.
West, Annie.
The secret the Italian claims.
Lucas, Jennie.
Star Wars : The Rebel files.
Wallace, Daniel.
Billionaire's bride for revenge.
Smart, Michelle.
Crowned for the Sheikh's baby.
Kendrick, Sharon.
Otis & Will discover the deep : Barton, Beebe, and the dive of the Bathysphere
Rosenstock, Barb, author.
Flying deep : climb inside deep-sea submersible Alvin
Cusolito, Michelle, author.
Dear substitute
Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton, author.
Friends stick together
Harrison, Hannah E., author, illustrator.
Hawk rising
Gianferrari, Maria.
Possum and the summer storm
Hunter, Anne, author, illustrator.
The book about nothing
Bender, Mike, 1975- author.
More deadly than war : the hidden history of the Spanish flu and the First World War
Davis, Kenneth C., author.
Vernon is on his way : small stories
Stead, Philip C.
Polly Diamond and the magic book
Kuipers, Alice, 1979- author.
Chasma Knights
Petty, Kate Reed, author.
Penguin and Tiny Shrim don't do bedtime!
Berry, Cate.
Three stars in the night sky : A refugee family's odyssey of separation and reunion.
Chapman, Fern Schumer.
Thomas Paine and the dangerous word
Marsh, Sarah Jane, author.
The world cup : soccer's global championship
Doeden, Matt.
I got it!
Wiesner, David, author, illustrator.
Drawn together
Lê, Minh, 1979- author.
Ocean meets sky
Fan, Terry, author.
Fairy spell : how two girls convinced the world that fairies are real
Nobleman, Marc Tyler, author.
Jolly foul play
Stevens, Robin, 1988- author.
The lifters
Eggers, Dave, author.
The wild robot escapes
Brown, Peter, 1979- author, illustrator.
Wild blues
Kephart, Beth, author.
The key to everything
Schmatz, Pat.
The mortification of Fovea Munson
Heider, Mary Winn, author.
The button war
Avi, Avi.
Lulu is getting--who wants her? who needs her?--a sister
Viorst, Judith, author.
Waste of space : a Moon Base Alpha novel
Gibbs, Stuart, 1969- author.
A friendly town that's almost always by the ocean!
Fox, Kir, author.
The Cobalt Prince
Siegel, Mark, 1967- author.
The language of spells
Weyr, Garret, 1965- author.
Spymaster : a thriller
Thor, Brad, author.
In dreams forgotten
Peterson, Tracie, author.
Clock dance : a novel
Tyler, Anne, author.
The good fight : a novel
Steel, Danielle, author.
A gathering of secrets
Castillo, Linda, author.
Pandora's boy
Davis, Lindsey, author.
Marry me by sundown
Lindsey, Johanna, author.
Watch the girls
Wolfe, Jennifer, 1978- author.
A death in Eden
McCafferty, Keith, author.
Murder in paradise.
Patterson, James.
The senior's guide to metabolism
The 9/11 Commission report : final report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States
Outcasts of order.
Modesitt, L. E., Jr.
The Skaar invasion
Brooks, Terry, author.
A high sierra christmas.
Johnstone, William W., with J. A. Johnstone.
Scorpion strike.
Gilstrap, John.
Drop by drop.
Llywelyn, Morgan.
Those other women.
Moriarty, Nicola.
Liar, liar.
Jackson, Lisa.
Before and again : a novel
Delinsky, Barbara, author.
All we ever wanted : a novel
Giffin, Emily, author.
Widow's wreath.
Riggs, Cynthia.
An unsuitable match.
Trollope, Joanna.
Buried in books
Carlisle, Kate, 1951- author.
The cottages on silver beach.
Thayne, RaeAnne.
Claiming his pregnant innocent.
Cox, Maggie.
The Sheikh's shock child.
Stephens, Susan.
Blackmailed by the Greek's vows.
Pammi, Tara.
The tycoon's scandalous proposition.
Lee, Miranda.
Her cowboy reunion.
Herne, Ruth Logan.
The rancher's surprise daughter.
Lynn, Jill.
Meant-to-be baby.
Richer, Lois.
A father for Bella.
Weatherholt, Jill.
Wake : a novel
Hope, Anna, 1974-, author.
Frog and beaver
James, Simon.
The brilliant deep : rebuilding the world's coral reefs : the story of Ken Nedimyer and the Coral Restoration Foundation
Messner, Kate, author.
When Paul met Artie : the story of Simon & Garfunkel
Neri, G.
Curiosity : the story of a mars rover
Motum, Markus.
Prickly hedgehogs!
McGuinness, Jane.
The Hugely-Wugely spider
Berlin, Ethan T., author
Thrilling thieves: liars, cheats, and cons who changed history.
DuMont, Brianna.
The orphan band of Springdale
Nesbet, Anne.
They didn't teach this in worm school!
Lia, Simone, author, illustrator.
Stinkiest! : 20 smelly animals
Jenkins, Steve, 1952- author, illustrator.
Frenemies in the family : famous brothers and sisters who butted heads and had each other's backs
Krull, Kathleen, author.
Be prepared
Brosgol, Vera.
A prickly problem : Calpurnia tate, girl vet
Kelly, Jacqueline.
Calling all minds
Grandin, Temple, author.
The creature of the pines
Gidwitz, Adam, author.
The Ambrose deception
Ecton, Emily, author.
Al Capone throws me a curve
Choldenko, Gennifer, 1957- author.
Amal unbound
Saeed, Aisha, author.
Nadya Skylung and the cloudship rescue
Seymour, Jeff, author.
Deep water
Key, Watt, author.
Snared : escape to the above
Epstein, Adam Jay.
Bat and the waiting game
Arnold, Elana K.
The tale of Angelino Brown
Almond, David.
Alexander, Kwame, author.
The miscalculations of Lightning Girl
McAnulty, Stacy, author.
Tom's midnight garden : a graphic adaptation of the philippa pearce classic
Pearce, Philippa.
Camp Panda : training cubs to survive in the wild
Thimmesh, Catherine, author.
The truth about dolphins
Eaton, Maxwell.
You're safe with me
Soundar, Chitra author.
Hazel and Twig : the birthday fortune
Yu, Brenna Burns.
The field
Paul, Baptiste, author
Speak like a pro : a business tool for marketing and managing
Bedrosian, Margaret McAuliffe, 1942-
Robert Kennedy and his Times
Schlesinger, Arthur M., Jr.